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Hi there! My name is Masha Blair and I am a Certified Health Coach. I help people overcome their health concerns, live fulfilling balanced lives, and look their best. Here I share my personal journey and cool tricks I learn along the way. :)

Get That Glow, Baby! (or Benefits of Juicing)

You probably heard a TON of raving benefits of juicing already.  But in case you haven’t, or (like in my case) if you just need a little magic kick in the butt (aka inspiration), here are my two cents:

  • instant nutrition that requires almost no digestion (like a shot of vitamins and minerals into your blood stream);
  • fast natural energy;
  • mental clarity (get that brain fog outta your head now!);
  • better skin: that “glow” you’re trying to get comes from a clean happy liver, not from $$ Channel creams;
  • aids in protecting you from cancer and other disease.

I can keep this list going but let’s dive into action and get that dusty juicer blasting!  Don’t just read and feel good about it.

1) Ingredients:  this is the best part! – because you can really juice ANYTHING fresh and organic that can otherwise rot in your fridge.  What I use most often to make my “Green Goddess Nectar”:

  • celery
  • cucumber
  • green apple


Super easy!  Green apple is a key, by the way.  Because otherwise you will have a REALLY rough time drinking that green juice.  Just trust me on that one.

2) Pick a juicer that is super easy to clean.  It’s really important and usually is a key ultimate factor why we stop the juice flow.

3) Enjoy it, pour it in a nice glass and, most importantly, brag around!  Because you will help others to jump on this wagon and improve their health and wellness.